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Inspired Emptiness

Sex, lollipops, and rock and roll!

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Jennifer S.
14 December 1986
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I friend people without saying anything. If this bothers you, sorry! But if I added you, I think your journal is interesting and a worthwhile contribution to my friends page, so... there's that.

I'm an 23 year old girl from the city of Seattle. I graduated from Willamette University and now enjoy a degree of questionable value and lots of student debt.

I enjoy weird and artsy things. I currently spend much time with conquests from my local public library. Also playing video games on my laptop. I'm kind of sarcastic and often talk too much and can be a kill-joy radical feminist if you get me going on the right subjects. I'm a wannabe vegetarian. I'm a big Seattle stereotype in that I'm in love with coffee, micro brew beer, and eclectic indie music. Sometimes I'm an artist. I used to be all into anime and Japanese but we've kind of broken up though I can still read katakana if I squint.

Haven't been posting much cause my life is booring.

Little known fact about me: I've been to Madagascar. Trufax.

(Also, please note that though I don't have a strict friends-only policy, almost everything I post nowadays is friendslocked. I also don't check my friends list very often, so if you actually [wonder of wonders] want to read what I have to say you might want to drop me a note so that I'll notice that you exist.)

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